Removalist Manager App – Not Just Your Ordinary Removalist Software

Removalist Manager App – Not Just Your Ordinary Removalist Software

Published on: 28-05-2014 | by Misty in Removalist Software, Removalist Manager App, Paperless, Smart Forms, Paperless Forms, Mobile Workforce, iPhone Forms, Mobile Forms, Digital Forms, Enterprise Mobility

Introducing Removalist Software – a genuine solution for the removal industry – the much awaited paperless solution is here at last! This will help businesses in this industry to provide maximum service to their clients anywhere in the world by using smart forms. This is just the beginning. Switch now to our paperless forms and see the huge difference it can bring to your business.

Here’s why mobile forms like ours were chosen by the best companies across the globe:

• We can customize and create mobile forms that fit your business needs. With our smart tools, we will bring you paperless forms.
• No need for network coverage. The app will work fine with or without an internet connection. Your data will sync automatically when you go online.
• We offer real-time dashboard. This will allow you to track all your field activities instantly.
• Produce customized and scheduled reports and have them automatically sent to your mobile workforce. They can also access iPad and iPhone forms anytime.
• Upload useful documents, policies, guides, and other data and have them accessed by the right people in the field.
• Receive notifications or submitted forms instantly from your field agents.
• Incorporate tables and database to your mobile forms fast and accurately.
• Schedule job orders with required digital forms and data attached to it and have them dispatched instantly to the right people.
• Photo streaming is a convenient way to see exactly what’s happening on-site in real time. With this feature, you can share project updates and status to your management.

Join the Paperless Revolution

Removalist Software can make almost everything easy. You don’t have to worry about missing sections, documents, and wrong calculations as it adds up exactly. Make life easy as your mobile workforce automatically collects images, voice recordings, time stamps, and location verification for you. Plus, you have the ability to download, reproduce, and share information from the field using your digital forms instantly.

Boost the productivity and efficiency of your mobile workforce and improve your enterprise mobility. No more posting, duplicating of files, data entry, filing, or looking for misplaced documents. Now you and your staff can allot precious time on other important areas of your business to generate more sales and profits. No more overflowing paperwork and cluttered desks. Cut the cost of printing and book binding of your reports and invest it on other parts of your business. Be with us in this paperless revolution. Help the environment and save on your materials.

Discover why Removalist Manager App is not just your ordinary Removalist Software. Take Our Tour today!

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