Removalist Manager App Lets You Run Your Business the Paperless Way

Removalist Manager App Lets You Run Your Business the Paperless Way

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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to monitor all your business activities happening in the field and tracking all the statistics you need in real time by just using your mobile workforce? Using your web-based management portal and paperless forms, you have the capability to run the business smoothly. You can do all these and more with our Removalist Manager App. Save all your resources – money, time, and effort doing paper documents, having them printed, archiving them, and searching manually when needed.

Take Advantage of Removalist Manager App

Removals App includes forms ready for you to fill-out, such as dropdowns and checklists.

By going paperless, you can enjoy these advantages:
• Filing and storing made easy – just collect your data and information needed, input it to your mobile device (iPhone and iPad forms are available), and save your file after.
• Sharing of files is faster and more convenient – no more wasting your time and paper to share pertinent documents. You also don’t need to wait for having them printed or photocopied. You can share your files in real time with just one click.
• More secure documents – your files are stored online, so there’s no worry of having it left in the office, and they remain safe. You are also able to make adjustments on who you would want to share your files with – your managers or business administrators.

Removalist App helps managers and business owners across the world to effectively run their business and organizations each day. The app is used globally as a tool to improve enterprise mobility, implement consistent compliance of processes, and enhance the professionalism and timeliness of reports.

The digital forms included in our app were designed to complement every business’s enterprise mobility needs and to increase your mobile workforce’s productivity. We have utilized the functionality of the tablet and smartphones to bring paperless solutions that will enable you to save more and upgrade your business’s workflow.

Our Paperless Solution Enables You to:

• Monitor and manage reports in real time from anywhere using your secure web-based portal.
• Have total control with Formitize Job Dispatcher. Keep track on your staff’s activity and scheduled time.
• Update important data at your own convenience using your mobile phone.
• Eliminate mistakes as smart forms allow you smart navigations with fixed responses with more options for flexibility.
• Make various reports for various recipients from the simplest to full page color reports that are accessible with your mobile devices.

Discover how Removalist Manager App lets you run your business the paperless way. Take Our Tour today!

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