Formitize Introduces Removalist Manager App to Boost Mobile Workforce Efficiency

Formitize Introduces Removalist Manager App to Boost Mobile Workforce Efficiency

Published on: 13-08-2014 | by Misty in Removalist Manager App, Furniture Removals Software, App for Removalists, Removals App, Removals Software, Enterprise Mobility, Digital Forms, Paperless, Mobile Workforce, Paperless Forms, Smart Forms

SYDNEY Australia, August 2014 – Innovators of revolutionary Formitize business app introduces Removalist Manager App to enhance enterprise mobility and to improve organization workflow.The Furniture Removals Software increases efficiency as digital forms replace paper files and company data is stored in a safe cloud environment.

Why invest in REmovalist Manager App?

Invest time, money, and energy on critical business aspects such as deals and gains, instead of wasting precious resources on overwhelming paper filing and data entry. No more paper inventories, file duplicating, document filing, or paper searching and archiving. Reduce expenses on report printing and book binding, and help save trees.

Here are the reasons why paperless forms in Removalist Manager App were chosen by business organizations worldwide:

1. Work Offline - App for Removalists makes all web-based solutions outdated since the paperless app works perfectly in remote areas with or without internet connection. Updates auto-sync when connection becomes available.
2. Show On-site Progress - The integrated camera and drawing feature in the paperless saves so much time. A field employee can use the photo stream to share images with managers to show them exactly what is occurring on site.
3. Scan Barcodes for Data - This Removals Software links the scanned barcode to a database for information access. Directions, instructions, pictures can be available for any mobile workforce to access.
4. Location Tracking - Monitor field agents and paperwork with GPS Tracking all in real time. View status of jobs that are being done by whom.
5. Integrated Workflow - To maintain organizational processes, the paperless forms can modify its progress as it moves through the course. Adjustment of status can either occur manually or can be set according to configuration.
6. API Development - Integration with third-party software providers is possible with the Application Programming Interface feature of the Removals App, which works with over 200 providers, including Google, Xero, Capsule, Mail chimp, and WordPress.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “Removalist Manager App is used globally by removalist and logistics businesses looking to improve their efficiency, ensure the compliance of their processes, and increase the professionalism and timeliness of their reporting. Our smart forms are designed to complement your company's enterprise mobility management needs and increase the productivity of your mobile workforce.”

Formitize has harnessed the capability of Apps, the power of the Cloud, and the mobility of smartphones and tablets to deliver paperless solutions and mobile forms that save time and money and improve the workflow of businesses across more than 80 industries globally.

Discover how Removalist Manager App can boost mobile workforce efficiency. Take our tour today!

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